The 10 Best 1TB External Hard Disks in India 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

Do you have an outdated PC or a laptop? If yes, then to fetch all your important data, official documents, and memories, you need an external hard disk offering a sufficient capacity. The external hard drives prove to be an expedient data storage form option so that your important files and media always remain with you! Moreover, you can access the stored data anywhere you want even when you don’t have internet connectivity. With all that said, we have reviewed the Best 1TB External Hard Drives in India so that you can choose the best model out there for safer & convenient storage.

Owing to the continuous advancements in the field of data storage, the capacity of the external hard disks now matches and even exceeds customary hard disks that you get with your laptop or PC. Moreover, these hard drives tend to offer a variety of features together with advanced functionalities. Starting from the wireless to the wired storage form factors, this comprehensive product review will help you make the right decision when you opt to purchase an external hard disk.

External Hard Disks – Factors of Comparison

Whenever you plan to purchase an external hard disk, making the final choice amongst the ones you prefer could be tricky. Hence, you need to check the top comparison points discussed below:


The connectivity technology together with the transfer speed tends to ascertain the quality of the external hard disk. Generally, the USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 is the connectivity standard you get with the external hard drives. The USB 3.1 Gen1 is the quickest one but can make the choice expensive.

However, the USB 3.0 connectivity is the most utilized and suggested option that offers a maximum data transfer speed of 640Mbps, which roughly 10-times when compared to the speed provided by USB 2.0. Hence, you need to consider the device’s data transfer speed before making the final choice.


The next factor of comparison is the storage capacity on offer. You should go with the storage capacity that conforms to your budget and requirements. A majority of brands come with the external hard disks offering a storage capacity ranging from 1 to 8TB to deliver several options at the user’s disposal.

On the market, you can even find the low storage drives offering the 250 to 500GB storage capacity, but a majority of people prefer going with the 1TB options. Considering the future requirements and needs, you should always go for the higher capacity drives that can serve you for a longer time.


Furthermore, you can compare two external hard drives on the availability of the password protection feature that would keep your data safe from the intruders. As everyone likes to keep your memories and data safe from misuse, password protection becomes an important feature in case you lose or misplace the drive.

Apart from password protection, data encryption also plays a vital role in keeping your data safe from corrupt access. Compared to the software encryption methods, the hardware encryption proves to be a better one since the encryption process is a discrete overall machine, which can be tougher to intercept. The autonomous process turns the decryption and encryption process much quicker.


If you are a person who is often on-the-go and wants to keep an external hard drive handy, then the factor of portability becomes important. The aspects that tend to affect the portability of an external hard disk are the dimensions and weight. The hard drive’s size needs to sufficiently compact so that it can be carried easily inside the laptop bag.

Top 10 Best 1TB External Hard Disks in India 2020 – Product Reviews

Western Digital WD 1TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

best external hard drive

To keep your memories and important data safe, you need to have this passport from Western Digital. The My Passport External Hard Drive has been the most trusted portable storage out there in the market. This external hard disk is going to provide the freedom and confidence to keep your important data safely stored. Coming with an all-new sophisticated and compact design, this hard disk will easily fit in your hand. Moreover, there’s ample space to organize, store, and share, copy, or transfer your favorite videos, photos, docs, and music. Further, this hard drive comes paired with the unique Western Digital backup software that has been fortified with password protection.

Key Features:

  • Boasts a slim and compact design to enhance the portability
  • Comes with the automatic backup software for convenience
  • Allows setting the password protection to keep your data safe
  • Offers a 3-years warranty on the product to cover the defects

  • Super-fast USB3.0 Port

  • Automatic Backup Software

  • Durable yet Sophisticated Design

  • Can’t be connected to the iPhone

Lenovo F309 USB3.0 1TB External Hard Disk

best external hard drive

Next, we have an all-new external hard disk coming from the house of Lenovo. The 1TB External Hard Disk from Lenovo features a slim and compact design taking the mobility into consideration. As a result, the Lenovo F309 External Hard Drive proves to be a decent travel companion. Coming with the dependable disk drive circuit, this external hard disk offers decent surge protection. Hence, the Lenovo USB3.0 External hard Drive makes sure you get efficient data transmission. Moreover, this hard drive’s anti-static design assures the user of data security. Further, you get the quickest data transfer performance that is 10 times faster owing to the USB 3.0 connectivity.

Key Features:

  • Offers 1TB storage capacity ample to store the fond memories
  • Comes with the USB3.0 connectivity for faster data transfers
  • Weighs solely 0.23Kg with the pocket-friendly compact design
  • Provides the 1-year manufacturer warranty to cover the defects

  • Secure Storage Expansion

  • Multi-Colored LED Indicator

  • Expedient Cable Storage Slot

  • Absence of password protection feature

Toshiba Canvio Basic 1TB A3 USB3.0

best external hard drive

Now you will get to discover the most modest way to augment the PC or laptop’s storage with the all-new Toshiba Canvio Basic Hard Disk. This external hard disk provides the user with the modest plug-and-play functionality for added convenience. Without any sort of software installation, this hard drive is ready to use with your computer or laptop. With this portable hard disk, you just need to drag and drop the documents or files from and to the laptop or PC for data transfer. Moreover, the Toshiba Canvio keeps the data storage simple as it will help you take your data securely anywhere you want with the sleek and portable design.

Key Features:

  • Comes with the matte finish compact casing for aesthetics
  • Equipped with the USB3.0 port to deliver quick data transfer
  • Provides the effortless plug & play operation for suitability
  • Offers the 3-years manufacturer warranty to cover defects

  • Inbuilt Internal Shock Sensor

  • Compact & Sleek Design

  • USB 3.0 Connectivity

  • Doesn’t offer the password protection

Seagate Portable 1TB External Hard Drive

best external hard drive

Accessing and storing an abundance of data on the go is now super-easy with the all-new Seagate Portable Hard Drive for laptops and PCs. This external hard disk has been intended to function with Mac and Windows or Mac PCs and laptops. Moreover, this external hard drive will back up your important data and information in a jiffy with easy drag-and-drop. Further, for setting up the external hard disk you don’t need to install any software application owing to the automatic recognition. Also, with the USB3.0 18-Inch cable, the data transfer is super-fast and convenient. To add your excitement, the manufacturer has offered a 3-year warranty to counter the failures and defects.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a compact and sophisticated design for portability
  • Doesn’t require any software installation with auto-recognition
  • Allows you to take the back-up in a snap with drag & drop function
  • Offers 3-years manufacturer product warranty to cover defects

  • USB 3.0 Connectivity

  • Plug & Play Operation

  • Mac & Windows Compatibility

  • Doesn’t come with a protection cover

ADATA HD710M Pro 1 TB Military-Grade Shockproof Waterproof External Hard Drive

best external hard drive

Next, we have the most rugged and secure external hard disk you can find in the market. Yes, we have the ADATA HD710M Pro, which can easily counter those drops, shocks, and vibrations owing to the added strength. This military-grade hard disk is going to bear the shocks such as a true warrior and even outdoes the IP68 safety standard. Moreover, all your data is going to be safe at all times even if you are biking, hiking, or diving. Further, the HD710M Pro External Hard Disk exceeds the anti-shock technology owing to the 3-layer protective design. Also, the moisture-lock, complete dust-tight, and waterproof security make it an ultimate choice for people who prefer durability.

Key Features:

  • Comes with the convenient & user-friendly waterproof cover
  • Equipped with the shock sensors to deliver added suitability
  • Features the triple-layer anti-shock technology for durability
  • Boasts the cool and sophisticated camouflage outer casing

  • Triple Layer Protection

  • Anti-Shock Technology

  • High-Speed USB 3.2 Technology

  • Comparatively bulky external hard drive

Sony 1TB External Hard Drive

best external hard drive

Irrespective of the type of data you want to store in your hard drive from music or photos to the business files, the Sony External Hard Drive is a suitable solution. The chic HD-B external hard drive boasts the rapid 5Gbps transfer speeds owing to the USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectivity. Moreover, there is the backward compatibility to employing the USB 2.0 ports that offer 480Mbps transfer speeds, which will help save the files easy and quick. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, this external hard drive has a compact design that can fit any pocket with ease. Further, with the 3-years manufacturer’s warranty, you won’t need to worry about the after-purchase issues anymore.

Key Features:

  • Offers USB3.1 Gen-1 Connectivity for faster data transfers
  • Boasts a sleek & compact design to deliver added portability
  • Comes with the free Sony File Rescue Software for suitability
  • Also provides backward compatibility with the USB2.0 ports

  • Sophisticated & Sleek Design

  • 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty

  • USB3.1 Gen1 Connectivity

  • Somewhat expensive external hard drive

Transcend StoreJet 25H3P 1TB External Hard Disk

best external hard drive

Boasting the intense rapid data transfers and an innovative 3-layer shock defense, we have the Transcend StoreJet Portable Hard Disk in front of you. This external hard disk is the perfect storage device meant for daily storage, backup, and easy file transfer. Moreover, the StoreJet 25H3P has been equipped with the all-new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity that offers a transfer speed that is no less than 3-times faster compared to the USB 2.0 drives. Credits to the enhanced USB3.0 bandwidth, the Transcend StoreJet 25H3P turns file sharing quite rapid and effortless. Also, the external casing of this hard drive is quite trendy and will surely match your personality!

Key Features:

  • Equipped with the SuperSpeed USB3.0 for faster data transfer
  • Fortified with the anti-shock silicone outer casing for safety
  • Offers the advanced internal hard drive suspension system
  • Provides ample storage space to the user at an affordable price

  • Automatic Back-Up Button

  • Ultra-Sleek Portable Design

  • Power-Saving Sleep Mode

  • Might not be a waterproof hard drive

ADATA HV620S 1TB External Hard Drive

best external hard drive

Here comes another top-of-the-line external hard drive from the house of ADATA offering 1TB storage capacity. The HV620S is solely 11.5mm thick and can be stored conveniently inside any bag or drawer. Coming with the mirror-finish, this external hard drive looks simple but quite sophisticated. Moreover, this external hard disk is dependable on-the-go storage, which has been fortified with the USB 3.1 connectivity for faster data transfers. For storing your favorite content whilst offering universal device compatibility, this ADATA External Hard Drive embodies a smart design that enhances the performance and capacity together with diminishing the physical space needs.

Key Features:

  • Comes with the anti-scratching design to maintain the luster
  • Offers a sleek and sophisticated body to augment the aesthetics
  • Displays the transfer status conveniently with the indicator light
  • Equipped with the USB 3.0 Connectivity for rapid data transfers

  • 3-Years Manufacturer Warranty

  • Anti-Scratch Outer Body

  • Stylish & Elegant Design

  • The micro-B port requires improvement

Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5-inch 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

best external hard drive

Here is another top-rated external hard disk coming from Transcend, which has long been manufacturing some of the top storage devices ranging from Pen Drives, Memory Cards, and Hard Drives. This external hard disk proves to be an amazing purchase owing to the host of features onboard. The Transcend StoreJet 25M3 Portable Hard Drive offers the combination of shock-resistant properties together with the SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen1 Connectivity providing 5GB/s interface bandwidth. As a result, this portable hard disk will allow the users to revel in the super-fast data transfers coupled up with the anti-shock protection of the highest degree.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with the USB 3.0 Connectivity for faster data transfer
  • Comes with the shock-resilient outer casing made out of rubber
  • Offers an easy plug & play operation without any installations
  • Provides 3-years manufacturer warranty against the defects

  • Automatic Back-Up Button

  • LED Power Indicator

  • Transcend Elite Software

  • The provided data cable is a bit fragile

ASUS FX External 1TB Hard Drive

best external hard drive

Lastly, we have come up with an external hard disk, which has been crafted to appease the gamers, or we can say the RGB lovers. The ASUS FX External Hard Drive is the first of its kind 2.5-inch HDD coming with the Aura Sync Lighting feature for an amazing look & feel. Featuring the USB 3.1 Gen1 Connectivity, this external hard drive offers supreme data transmission speed along with the 256-bit AES encryption for the apt level of security. This external hard disk proves to be an extremely dependable backup solution for all those who love to keep their memories and data safe. Boasting a revolutionary design and high-class Aura Sync LED Lighting, the ASUS FX 1TB Hard Drive is going to add an aesthetic value to your gaming setup for sure.

Key Features:

  • Offers high-speed data transfers with the 5Gbps USB3.1 Gen1
  • Comes with the Aura-enabled peripherals and components
  • Provides the 256-bit AES encryption and data compression
  • Delivers high-reliability against the shocks, stress, & vibrations

  • Aura Sync Lighting

  • 256-Bit AES Encryption

  • Reliable Back-Up Solution

  • The smaller warranty period on offer

External Hard Disks – Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we will discuss the factors you need to consider for finding the Best External Hard Disk from the market:

Transfer Speed

One of the most important factors that you should take into note is the transfer speed as if the external hard drive provides a lower data transfer speed, you will need to have a lot of patience whilst the transfer gets completed. There are external hard drives that would consume more time for writing and reading the data.

But, these days, you can find plenty of portable drives being equipped with the USB 3.0 connectivity to ensure the high-speed transfer of your important files or media. These external hard drives tend to offer around 5Gbps data transfer speed. Moreover, some of the top-quality portable drives also come with the USB 3.1 Gen1 connectivity that can deliver 10Gbps transfer speed for added convenience.

Storage Capacity

Next, you will have to take care of the storage capacity, which proves to be the primary consideration for any type of user. Firstly, you will have to estimate the storage capacity that you necessitate. If you don’t get hold of a hard drive that offers a capacity you need, then you will have to purchase another portable hard drive, which could be a costly affair.

We would suggest the 1TB storage to the users with the day to day storage requirements for transferring images, documents, or videos. Further, if you are one of the hardcore users, you can go for the storage options offering more than 1TB.


If you intend to use the external hard drive solely for office and home use, you won’t need to think a lot about the portability factor. However, if you are a person who needs to travel more often, then you will have to consider the portability factor.

For a hard drive to be portable, it needs to have a compact and slim design, which can fit it effortlessly in your travel bag. Moreover, you also need to consider the weight as the lightweight models are preferred more than the bulky drives out there. Also, there are external hard drives that need an external supply of power and hence, the portability factor gets ruled out.


Next, you will have to keep the security in your mind if you intend to use the hard drive to store the sensitive data. Every external hard disk doesn’t come with password protection or data encryption and hence, you need to check the specifications before you make the final choice. Password protection and data encryption are prevalent methods to defend your data. However, you can also find high-end portable drives that are equipped with physical security for better security.

Extra Features

You may come across a variety of external hard disks on the market, which have been equipped with some additional features such as data management application and an auto-backup button. On top of these features, you should consider the warranty period offered by the manufacturer. You should go with the portable hard disk that offers an extended warranty period for a worthwhile purchase. Moreover, the USB cable quality also proves to be an important factor to consider as the low-quality data cable might get mutilated over time and gives rise to loss of data during transfer.


As we have reached the concluding phase of the external hard drive reviews, you should have understood the fact the Best External Hard Disks in India need to be fortified with the more-secure password protection and hardware encryption so that the data is stored safely. Moreover, you have to check the USB 3.1 or 3.0 connectivity feature as they are recommended to ensure rapid data transfer.

On the other hand, if we need to discuss the product recommendation we would suggest users go with the Western Digital WD 1TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive, which has been fortified with the automatic backup feature and the 256-Bit AES Hardware Encryption. As a result, this external hard drive keeps your important data and fond memories safely stored inside the drive.

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