The Best Electric Guitars in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Have you been looking for the best electric guitar to up your game? Then, you have reached the place that can surely help you find one! When compared to the acoustic guitars, the electric guitars are quite versatile and help you generate a more vibrant sound. Hence, today we have lined up the Best Electric Guitars in India, which have been around in the market pleasing all the music enthusiasts out there.

As we previously know, an electric guitar is a resourceful musical instrument if you are fond of playing rock music. Moreover, the electric guitars are considered to be an inevitable part of rock music. Hence, the electric guitars are known to be the top choice if you prefer playing with your band or even solo.

Nowadays, the music fanatics who are looking to purchase a brand new guitar or want an upgrade tend to prefer an electric guitar over others. Thus, we have reviewed some of the top electric guitars on the market to help you find nothing but the best. Moreover, we have also discussed the prevalent features associated with electric guitars so that the purchase becomes smooth and worthwhile.

Top 6 Electric Guitars in India 2020 – Product Reviews

Epiphone Les Paul Special VE Solid-Body Electric Guitar

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Have you been looking for an electric guitar that offers a vintage design with amazing features? Here we have the Les Paul Vintage Edition Electric Guitar from the house of Epiphone, which boasts the archetypal Les Paul outline with the Poplar lightweight body. Further, this Epiphone Electric Guitar has been driven by the Epiphone Open Coil Humbuckers for the best playing experience. Moreover, with the adorning “Vintage Worn” color finish; this electric guitar will surely catch more eyes and ears for sure. There isn’t any binding on the neck or body, which tells you heaps about the durability.

Key Features:

  • Boasts the lightweight and sleek Poplar body for aesthetics
  • Comes with the Vintage Worn Finish for a classic appearance
  • Doesn’t have any binding on the body or neck for durability
  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners at playing guitar
  • Epiphone Open-Coil Humbuckers

  • Rosewood Fingerboard

  • Mahogany Bolt-On Neck

  • Top-quality product but a touch costly


Juarez JRZ-ST02 6-String Electric Guitar

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Next, we have a top-quality electric guitar boasting an affordable price tag, which would appease a majority of beginners. The Juarez Electric Guitar comes with the 6-string arrangement, which makes it suitable for both professionals and beginners. Furthermore, the Juarez JRZ-ST02 comes with an amazing look that would surely catch several eyes at the club. Additionally, with the innovative design and thoughtful arrangement, this electric guitar produces quality sound every point in time. Moreover, this electric guitar has a full wood construction and Linden binding for added durability.

Key Features:

  • Comes with the durable Chrome Die-Cast Machine Head
  • Comprises 1-volume and 2-tune controls for apt suitability
  • Crafted with the complete wood design with geared tuning
  • Boasts an amazingly innovative look along with quality sound
  • Ebony Wood Fretboard

  • Linden Wood Fingerboard

  • Durable Steel Strings

  • The neck might need some tweaks


Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar

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For all those people who have been playing guitar professionally for quite some time and looking for a decent upgrade, we have the Ibanez GRG-170DX electric guitar for you! Available now in India, this Ibanez Electric Guitar proves to be the ideal blend of playability and aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the maple neck has been GRG-shaped to perfectly conform to the basswood body. Further, this guitar’s body houses a humbucker at the bridge and neck together with a single-coil at the center. On top of the chrome hardware, there is a rosewood 24-fret fingerboard coming with the edgy shark-tooth inlays.

Key Features:

  • Offers a top-quality humbucker at the bridge and its neck
  • Proves to be the perfect amalgamation of looks & quality
  • Comes with the top-rated rosewood 24-fret fingerboard
  • Provides the FAT 10 Bridge and a single-coil at the middle
  • Edgy Shark-Tooth Inlays

  • Durable Chrome Hardware

  • GRG-Shaped Maple Neck

  • May not be suitable for beginners


Kadence Astro Man Electric Guitar

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Searching for an electric guitar that has been fortified with a variety of amazing features to enhance the playability? Look no further with the Kadence Astroman Electric Guitar, which has been crafted to meet the playing needs of the modern-day musicians who always want to be an edge above others. Also, this electric guitar comes with the softer strings, which are going to save the fingers from feeling the brunt when playing. Moreover, this Kadence Electric Guitar comes with the HSS pickup, which is going to deliver the versatile playability for a broader application range.

Key Features:

  • Comes with the lightweight design for easier handling
  • Comprises the rosewood fretboard for mellow tones
  • Helps you generate sounds that are rich in fundamentals
  • Tends to absorb the unwanted tones with the oily pores
  • Top-Quality HSS Pick-Up

  • Lightweight Design

  • Rosewood Fretboard

  • Doesn’t offer a protective guitar case


Fender Squier Bulletstrathssawt Stratocaster Electric Guitar

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Here comes another top-grade electric guitar suitable for the professionals who are looking for an upgrade. The Fender Bullet Strat proves to be a simple, budget-friendly, and practical guitar intended for the students and beginners. On top of the classic styling of this electric guitar, this electric guitar comes with the additional benefit of a single humbucking and the twin single-coil pickup arrangement. Moreover, you can also find some other important features comprising the synchronous tremolo, 5-way switching, and a maple neck with the 21-fret fingerboard made up of rosewood.

Key Features:

  • An affordable electric guitar suitable for students & beginners
  • Comes with the 21-fret rosewood fingerboard for apt handling
  • Offers a single humbucking and 2 single-coil pickup arrangement
  • Provides the volume and tuning controls for added convenience
  • Budget-Friendly Electric Guitar

  • 2 Single Coil Pickup Configuration

  • 21-Fret Rosewood Fingerboard

  • Doesn’t provide a protective guitar cover


Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar

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Lastly, we have the most valuable electric guitar out there in the market for over a decade. The Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitar is quite prevalent for producing amazing tones and exceptional playability. Further, the Yamaha Pacifica Series Guitars feature the bolt-on neck outline, comfy contoured bodies, HSS Pickup Configuration with 5-way switching, and vintage-flair vibratos. Moreover, the Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 comes with comprehensive features together with top-quality design and tone, which would surely disprove the affordable price tag. Also, the guitar boasts the tough lacquer finish that defends the instrument from humidity and keeps a stable adjustment.

Key Features:

  • Comes with the 5-way switching for pickup selection
  • Allows for effortless playing with the fast & slim neck
  • Offers quite simplistic, stable, and dependable tuning
  • Provides a balanced sound owing to quality assembly
  • Master Volume & Tone Controls

  • Accurate Fret Positioning

  • Tough Lacquer Finish

  • The strings need some improvements

Electric Guitar Buying Guide

If you want to buy a guitar for a beginner, primarily you won’t prefer spending a fortune on it, which seems to be a sensible decision. On the market, you can find several guitars that can match your budget and offer decent features. Even though the models and styles might diverge, electric guitars tend to function on similar overall standards. But, to make the purchase easier and well-informed, we have discussed the top factors you would need to consider:

Types of Body

In the market, you can find 3 styles of electric guitar body that have been described below:

Hollow Body

Going by the name, you can understand that these electric guitars come with hollow bodies. The hollow-body electric guitars are quite similar to the acoustic guitars and generate more reverberation owing to their structure.

Strong Body

Such electric guitar is one of the most popular body types in the market. The strong-bodied electric guitars are manufactured using the robust wood sections.

Semi-Hollow Body

Similar to the hollow body, the semi-hollow electric guitars offer added reverberation compared to the strong body ones. These electric guitars prove to be an incredible purchase to produce a broad collection of music ranging from the jazz, blues to the punk shake.

Neck Construction

With the players having longer and shorter hands or forearms, the choice of guitar tends to differ. The people with smaller hands must look for shallower and smaller necks. However, the players with bigger hands should go for the longer and bigger necks for better playability.

In the market, you can find electric guitars coming with 3 types of neck design:

  • Set neck
  • Bolt-on
  • Neck-through

Pickups and Electronics

On top of the style of the body, the gadgets and pickup configuration tend to have the finest impact in the transit of the guitar effects. The most important, inimitable pickup configuration is the solitary loop pickup arrangement. Such sort of a pickup configuration is crafted from a solitary magnet having the fine wire on top of it.

Moreover, the single-loop pickups would prove to be superior and offer top-quality fresh sounds. Further, they tend to produce a quality tone as it will slice through the thicker band. On the other hand, they come with added incline for generating murmur and are accountable for striking impedance.


The sound of the electric guitar is mainly reliant on the string connection that vibrates and the pickup magnets. Further, the reverberation with the wood tends to decide the extent to which the strings would vibrate and the movement of the strings. Moreover, the wood is going to enable the pickup to move. Owing to this amalgamation, the wood becomes an important factor in fashioning the overall guitar tone.

Scale Length

Coming to the scale length, it refers to string length, which vibrates and is assessed from the connection nut. The scale length is going to deliver a tighter feel in the strain of the string along with an added superb gleam and the well-considered lower end. The shorter scale length will offer lesser pressure, which is going to inspire modest string bowing. Moreover, it can turn playing fairly simpler for people with little hands.


The electric guitars come with a broad range of equipment styles, which tend to have a variety of applications. Generally, you can find an immediate connection between the expense of the guitar and the equipment’s nature. With superior equipment, you can enjoy a variety of effects in the tuning of the guitar, flexibility, and the overall sound.

Dynamic Pickups and Electronics

In the market, you can find the guitars that are equipped with the dynamic pickups, which function with batteries on board. The dynamic gadgets might similarly include adjustment circuits and channels for inbuilt sound control. Majorly, the electric guitars with dynamic gadgets tend to deliver a superior yield compared to the attractive pickups. Further, they tend to produce a clearer, cleaner, and solid sound.

Tailpieces & Extensions

These parts of an electric guitar function in pairs to impact the playability and the tone. The scaffold is attached to the guitar’s lower body and the strings are focused on it before it ends on the rear end or the body.

Tuning Machines

A majority of contemporary tuners tend to come with the all-time greased and encased systems. This is going to provide an added optimizing power and helps avoid the slipping of strings from the tuner.


With the conclusion of the electric guitar reviews, we anticipate that you must have understood the fact that buying an electric guitar can be an expensive affair for many. Moreover, the budget-friendly models might make you apprehensive about the quality and durability of the guitar. This is the reason why we have presented the top-rated electric guitars from every price range to suit your requirements and budget. Also, every single electric guitar on our listing guarantees better playability & sound quality.

On the other hand, as far as the product recommendation is concerned, every guitar player has a different style of playing and preference. But, if you are a beginner and are looking for an affordable electric guitar, we would suggest our user go with the Juarez JRZ-ST02 6-String Electric Guitar for the best performance. This 6-String Electric Guitar from Juarez features an innovative design, Linden binding, and full wood construction coupled up with geared tuning for top-quality sound on every occasion.

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